Chetan Bhagat, in the Indian literature arena, is the most despised name. But still his books cross the best-seller mark quite easily. Why? Seems like, no one knows the reason.

Well, I came across this question on Quora. So, I wrote one answer there as well. Here, I think I am reinstating the point or the list of authors that I personally feel are better than Mr. Bhagat.

I don’t want to give the list of writers who are like Chetan Bhagat – hit and famous and doing well despite writing crap. Well, I will take you through the list of writers/authors who are better and deserve attention.

Saif Israr – His debut novel It Just Required One Step is a classic cult on friendship, love, and politics. The mixture of all three in one delivers a heady storyline, full of action, dram, and of course high on entertainment. Amazing romance thriller, almost of international level. No boredom at all.

Tarun Vikash – He is the author of Amazon Bestseller She Stood by Me. This novel explores the true essence of love in a relationship. Are people lost in love or in a relationship or it is the other way round. A fresh and young love story of two young hearts, but what goes beyond that age. You can find your answers in this novel. A very meaningful novel in today’s time.

Varun Gupta – A debut writer, whom I met in Pune International Book Fair. There he had a fabulous and cheering book launch for his debut novel – Either or Else Nor. I picked up the book, it was a love story with deep philosophical touch. Great short read!

Mithilesh Kumar – Since Indian writers are way more into mythological fiction because of our grooming and religious backdrops, this genre has good books, with something new to offer always. Mithilesh Kumar is the author of SuperCop of Aryavrat. It is an amazing book on the life events of Shri Krishna. He portrayed the god in a human form. Fantastic read!

I have a long list of writers that you can explore with a sense of getting something back, other writers include:

Spandana Chakradhar – She penned down Sadhana Who Stalked Her?

Sattam Dasgupta – Amazing short story writer, his collection ‘Parting of the Strangers and Other Stories’ is a treat to short story addicts.

 Sadashiv Pradhan – He is the author of 23:59:59. The novel was based on life inside the top business school of India. Full of riveting twists and reality check! Superb narration.

Tarun Deep Singh – He, too, is a very thoughtful writer. His books like ‘What is an Indian?’ and ‘The Journey: Traveller within’ are superb and takes you through the journey of self-introspection. Good for self-improvement.

Preeti Pathak – The founder of Empyreal, is well known for her soul-stirring debut book, 25 Essentials To Happy Living. She is a force to reckon when it comes to mentoring and counselling people for enriching their lives. Her latest book Enrich Life is a classic on SELF Love.

I think, from here onwards, you must do your own research and take some risk. And it is high time that we must not make any shallow writer famous. Think about it. The deserving ones should get their share!

Till then, happy reading!